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Hide/Remove NavBar???

  1. I was curious to know if there was any way to remove or hide the WordPress Navigation Bar at the top of the page?

    Any tips/hints/help will be greatly appreciated!

  2. Do you mean the blue admin bar? You only see it when you're signed in; visitors to your blog don't see it unless they're signed in.

  3. Staff has stated that we are not to modify or hide the navbar. Here's a post on the subject. I seem to remember a staff member calling it a ToS'able offense but I don't find that right off.

  4. Hmm. I hadn't seen that before. Mine's been changed (colour and font) using the CSS upgrade. Is that a problem? The functionality is exactly the same but it looks better!

  5. I wouldn't expect they would have a problem with a color and font change.

  6. The way I understand this is that the colour isn't an issue but removing the nav bar is.

  7. Well Andy does say "in any way..." That would, in theory, include colour.

  8. So, we have come full circle and that means "if you aren't sure then please ask staff" first. :)

  9. Pretty much. Also considering that Andy's post was from back in 2006, an update on policy from staff might be called for.

  10. @mangorsm

    Support hours are Monday - Friday 8AM - 4 PM, Pacific time. Staff prefer that you use the "support" button which is found on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page to contact them.

  11. Policy du jour? Sorry, feeling sarcastic today.

  12. I know exactly where you're coming from. On one hand, we will probably have "someone" complaining that we send too many people to staff. On the other, we will have "someone" accusing volunteers of setting or interpreting policy. {rolling eyes} ;)

  13. And that "someone" may actually be correct. Ever think of that?

  14. Well, what is the bottom line? Does anyone know of a blog that got ToSed over changed colours on a navigation bar?

  15. appreciate all the timely feeback guys!

  16. In this thread, Mark didn't say anything about not changing the colors of the admin bar. If it was a problem, my guess is that he would've said so.

  17. Good catch although Mark is talking about having it not show up within your own browser, not for everybody who views the blog.


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