Hiding a category item in the category widget

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    I would like to hide the uncategorized category link in my side bar category widget. I thought this might be possible due to the fact that each category is in its own named class, but since I only have a basic knowledge of CSS I can not figure out how to do it. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction if it is possible? I am using the Spectrum theme. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is blog.englishlakes.co.uk.



    As Uncategorized is the default category you need to know that you can replace it with another Category of your choice – no custom design upgrade of CSS editing rquired.
    Adding Categories via Your Dashboard
    Setting the Default Category



    I have a similar problem/question. My uncategorized category (named “what not”) used to be hidden in my category cloud widget, and now it is showing. I can’t get it to hide.

    blog url: http://lazyhomesteader.com



    Also, wanted to add that the category id is already in the Exclude field of the widget, always has been, and it’s still showing up.



    Widgets ยป Categories Widget
    This is what I see in may categories widget:
    _Show as dropdown
    _Show post counts
    _Show hierarchy
    Delete | Close
    There is no exclude by ID option. That’s for Pages in the Pages widget.



    I’m speaking about the Category


    widget. Mine says:

    Max number of categories to show:
    – Category IDs, separated by commas.
    Minimum font percentage:
    Maximum font percentage:
    Count sub-categories in parent



    oops – sorry about the weird formatting.



    Will you please use the Help link on the top right hand corner of your Admin page to report your Category Cloud Widget issue to them?


    Thanks, the uncategorized one is one of them that I want to hide, but I also want to hide another which I can also get a named class. Is there a way to do it though CSS? The reason I have the category is so


    Not sure what happened then, the post published while I was typing sorry!

    …The reason I have the category is so I can link to in it other ways, but I want to hide it in the category sidebar.


    @aschell, I don’t see “what not” in your category cloud at http://lazyhomesteader.com/ do you still need help with that issue?

    @englishlakesblog, in the spectrum theme, you can hide the ‘Uncategorized’ category with this CSS:

    .cat-item-1 {
      display: none;

    Also, note that you can update the website field on your Users → Personal Profile page to your blog URL and it will make your username link to that one in the forums (fi you’d like).

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