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Hiding Categories and Tags

  1. How do I use CSS to hide categories/tags (following a post)?

    The website is


  2. It is different for each theme for the most part. For the theme you are now using, it would be this:

    p.tagged {
    display: none
  3. I messed the code up, after "none" there should be a semicolon

    p.tagged {
    display: none;
  4. thesacredpath,

    worked beautifully!
    thank you so much,


  5. You're very welcome, and happy blogging.

  6. How do I turn off tags showing and being clickable in the Rubric theme?

    Just getting started...

  7. You have to have the paid CSS upgrade and some CSS experience.

    Add this to the CSS, but be aware that it will also take out the author, time, and the "edit this" link.

    .post .meta {
    display: none;
  8. Thanks for the CSS code. I do have the CSS upgrade. Can you comment on the design / user reason why "add tag" shows up on the public view of the blog?

    Being new to blogging not sure the significance of a allowing blog reader the ability to tag "my posts"


  9. What is the URL of your blog?

  10. Thanks, Roy

  11. @bmrzmr

    It appears that somehow your post got tagged with the tag "add new tag". Go to manage > tags and delete the tag titled "add new tag" and it should remove it from the post. By the way, no matter what it says, people cannot actually tag your posts, only you can do that through the post write/edit page.

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