Hiding Categories, Dates and Author Link

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    Hi WordPress,

    My blog is http://ifarhan.net, in wordpress.com.

    I would like to remove the extra details under each post about author and category, or at least deactivate the hyperlink.

    The Choco theme is adding the date in a nice way beside the title, so need to mention it again.

    Is there any way to remove them, please ?

    The blog I need help with is ifarhan.net.



    From the theme Liquorice, I want to remove the “About Marcy S” box under every post. Can it be done?



    These are your options:
    (1) Change form Liquorice to a theme that does not have this feature. Most themes do not have it.

    (2) Retain the theme you have and remove the information in the “About you” field found on this page > Users > My Profile then there will be nothing to display.

    (3) WordPress.com provides a CSS editing preview mode and when used visitors cannot see any changes on the blog. It’s a try before you buy an annually renewable CSS upgrade. Provided you have CSS editing experience you can try editing the CSS and see if that works for you. Appearance > Edit CSS


    @alfarhan85, this can be done through the CSS upgrade if you have CSS editing experience, but it sort of blows up the bar at the bottom that has the comment link and such in it and I’ve not the time to figure out how to get the bar to show without the cats/date/author. It can probably be done, I just don’t have the time. At any rate, it would require the purchase of the CSS upgrade if it is possible.



    @timethief @thesacredpath your help was greatly appreciated, thank you, I’m now able to decide on my blog style and upgrades.


    You are welcome.



    You’re welcome from me too. :)

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