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Hiding Categories, Post Title with Password Protected Entries

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if there's any option to hide categories and post title with protected entries because sometimes, it gives away alot of the entry (in my case)


  2. We cannot answer your questions without a direct link to your blog, starting with http. We need that to ensure our answers will apply to your specific blog.

  3. okay! i've updated my profile with my webpage. please help :T

  4. You could make those posts private rather than password protected. In that case only you will be able to see or read them.

  5. but i do really want some of my friends to read them without making it obvious to other people what they're about. is there any way to accommodate that?

  6. does anybody know if they can help me on this please??

    and why is this tagged spam?

  7. There isn't anyway to do it without also doing it for ALL the posts, password protected or not.

  8. If that's true, that's a silly bug... if Livejournal can hide post titles from people who do not have permission to see them, I see no reason why WordPress can't do it. It would be especially good to fix this bug for people who have imported their Livejournal into a WordPress or WP MU blog. Perhaps ideally there would be a new interface allowing people to login with an OpenID or something to see password-protected posts, and hide them completely from people who do not have permission to see them. Until then, I think that password-protected posts should have no title or other information displayed to people who don't have permission to view them.

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