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    Hi there,

    I wanted to temporarily focus my blog on a specific subject (fashion) and only that subject. I’ve been blogging about various subjects (a lifestyle site with food, fashion, travel, etc.) in the past and have links to those related posts floating around here and there on social media sites.

    Is there a way that I could create a “temporarily unavailable” status for those categories and posts that I do not want shown should anyone click on a link to them? Because the obvious thing to do on the homepage of my blog is to hide the menu choices leading to those category archives, but I want to make a temporary redirect for the instances when someone clicks an outside link to those posts. Would I need to go and insert a redirect link for every single post? I don’t want to delete the old posts just yet until I’ve run my new blog idea successfully.



    There is no such thing a a temporary redirect – sorry. You can make posts or pages private.
    If they have been indexed by Google and Bing etc. then those using search will experience a 404 page not found.



    If I recall correctly, your blog is WordPress.ORG anyway, so the above does not apply and you’re in the wrong forum.

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