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Hiding dates and tags

  1. I'd like my site to look less like a blog. Is there any way to hide dates and tags... or any themes that support this? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    We can't answer you in any meaningful way until your post an active link starting with http:// to the blog you want to do this on.

  3. This is the site...

  4. This is the site I'm setting up...

  5. Some feedback: staff have in the past suspended and/or deleted blogs which link to a third-party site in each post. I'd advise you to stop doing that immediately.

  6. /nod to raincoaster.

    Terms of Service, #2 bullet point 5, driving traffic to third-party sites.

  7. Now onto your question. They can be hidden if you have some CSS experience and the paid CSS upgrade.

    As an alternate, you can put everything on pages instead of posts. Pages do not show a date and do not have tags or categories.

  8. The static front page might sovle my problem ... thanks for the link!

  9. You are welcome.

  10. romanceandmoney55

    Hello! I am trying to hide the 'comments' from my main page - how can I do that?

  11. @romanceandmoney55
    This is a CSS editing thread. WordPress provides a preview function here > Appearance > Edit CSS and you can use it without your visitors seeing any changes on your blog. That was you can determine if what you want to achieve can be done ie. try before you by an annually renewable CSS editing upgrade. Have you tried hiding comments by using it?

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