Hiding "Filed In category", "posted by", "comments", venus theme from

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    I need to hide the “filed in: uncategorized” on the main site and on the blog post itself, I also need the “BY “posters name”” and “* comments” hidden on both the main page and the blog post…

    I have no need for it and it’s just in the way, I can understand that it might be a lot of work but I’m sticking to that theme so changing the theme is not an option, I sadly don’t know enough coding to get this done myself, anyone here patient enough to point me in the right direction?

    Here is a link to a demo: http://www.solostream.com/wordpress-themes/wp-venus/


    That is a theme used with hosted installs of WordPress. Here at WordPress.com we are limited to the 200 themes offered here. We use a different version of the WordPress software.

    You will be best helped at the WordPress.org forums (you have to register there because they are a completely different site from this one)

    or you can often get good support help from theme providers.

    To see the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org read this:

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