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    I have tried 2 different blogs, and would like to be able to add up to hundreds of child pages of recipes that will not make it too bulky in the sidebar. I’ve tried several different themes but can’t find one that will either hide all the child pages or allow for long lists of child pages that can be scanned easily. I am willing to change themes – any ideas?
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    Thanks for any help!



    As far as themes go, I can recommend Cutline, MistyLook, Freshy and OceanMist which all have a very nice, simple display of pages in the sidebar. They also have a navigation bar which is useful for important pages, and you can hide ones you don’t want to appear there.

    Unfortunately, as far as I know there’s no simple way to hide all the child pages in the sidebar’s pages widget… I don’t think any theme allows for that. There is one workaround a few people use. If you don’t give your page a name, apparently that will keep it out of the sidebar. How you’re supposed to find or link to the page, though, I don’t know! :)

    My suggestion would be to write them as posts rather than pages; with posts, you can assign them a unique category and then you can sort through them that way. You can write a text link to it in a text widget and create your own kind of pages widget, or you can assign a category widget to the sidebar and get it to display as a dropdown so people can look through them more easily. Might not be quite what you want, but that would be my suggestion. Hope it helps.



    Hi cjwriter-
    I appreciate so much the time you’ve taken to respond. I’ve been trying different options based on your suggestions. I’ve been toying with the posts/category idea. I can’t figure out how to make a dropdown…I’m able to organize by categories, but then can’t figure out how to make a list of all the items in the same category. maybe I missed something in your explanation…
    I’m still trying to figure out how not to assign a name- I’m going to try that too. Thanks – any more suggestions are welcome!



    The dropdown is available by using the second category widget. If you go to Presentation > Widgets and scroll down, you’ll see a box for selecting category widgets; if you add an extra one, you can add that to your sidebar and clicking on its settings will let you select show as dropdown. It’s quite easy to miss. :)

    The problem with any of the category widgets, though, is that they don’t allow you to choose which categories to display… the dropdown looks less cluttered, but it’s still all or nothing. If you want to have more control over it, you’d need to create your own in a text widget. The best way to do that is just to go to the unique categories you’re using for all of your recipes and copy them.

    Let’s say it’s on your http://suesrecipes.wordpress.com blog and the categories you’re using are recipes, food, ingredients, crockpot. One of the category addresses would be http://suesrecipes.wordpress.com/category/crockpot/ . If you go there, all your crockpot recipes will be listed. So you copy the address and enter it into a text widget, along with the other addresses. It might look like this in your sidebar: Crockpot Recipes. And now you have a handmade category widget showing just the categories you want. You could even do it by month, using a November 07 category and helping to sort through them. It means doing a little bit of work, but it gives you more control and you only have to do it once.

    One other thing that might work is using the category cloud widget. The cloud widget does the same thing, except it allows you to limit the number of categories you can show; if you select 10, then it’ll only show the 10 most used categories on your blog. So if the categories you want to put your recipes in are going to be used a lot, that might be another way of doing it as well.

    I hope that helps. If I’m not being clear enough, I apologise and just let me know and I’ll try and be clearer. Getting the layout of your blog just right is a big deal, so best of luck! :)



    i haven’t tried this, but perhaps editing the page widget may work. when you click on the page widget, there is an option to exclude certain pages by inserting the page id. perhaps this can work by inserting the page id of all your child pages, though that would mean a lot of work. =)



    Sulz, you’re a genius! I’ve been using WP for ages and I’ve never seen that there’s an option to exclude pages in the pages widget. But of course it’s there. Wow, you learn something new every day. :)

    I’ll second the exclude pages idea then, although because they’ll be pages you’ll lose your ability to tag them like posts and gain hits from the WP tag pages. So you might want to write them as posts first, then after a week or so copy them into separate pages. That way you’d always have your latest recipes on your blog, and your older ones archived as pages.



    i’m far from genius just yet. ;) as i said i haven’t tried it so i’m not totally sure if it would work…

    good tip about posting recipes as posts before archiving them as pages. =)



    Hi there,
    I’m just confirming that you can exclude pages by ID number through widget configuration. I’ve done this and it worked very well. :)

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