Hiding my username on second blog

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    Is there any way that when setting up a second blog on word press I can hide my username, or perhaps make it another name? I just would rather the second blog, which is anonymous, remained so.

    It is possible?



    Absolutely no way to hide a username. But no reason you couldn’t have another username. If you want nobody to connect the dots, register a new username and have that one set up the blog. If your current username sets up the blog or posts even once on it, they can easily be connected by anyone with half a brain.


    Yea thats very true.
    It’s a shame, because it would be nice to be able to keep a blog totally anonymous whilst still having the ease of it all being on one account.
    I think I’ll just have to accept the risk that others will know it’s me. eek. Mainly becasue I registered the name before I thought about this, and don’t want to loose it!



    I assume it’s the url you don’t want to lose. You could still register a second user name and then have your first one make the second one the blog administrator.


    ah, good idea. As a relative newby I don’t have the knowledge to even think of that!!
    I shall go do that now!! I;ve just realised how shifty this sounds, it’s honestly not!


    A bit of an additional question here…. to register a second username do I have to use a different email address?



    Yes, you do.

    And I have to say, if the blog has already been created and it is NOT totally private from the very start, then your username is already connected to it and handing it over subsequently to a different username will not be totally effective at hiding the connection. I recommend starting over completely, but it’s entirely up to you.

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