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    I am trying to customize the title of my static homepage. Ideally, I simply would like to be able to change the font and font size of the Page Title, but I have read in the wp forum that this is not possible (please correct me if I am wrong). My next tactic was 1) to leave the page titleless and 2) to write the “page title” as the first line of the Page Content, using teh font settings of my choice. This worked perfectly for the page itself, but it had an unintended consequence on my sidebar. Now, on my sidebar under Pages, there is an awkward blank line where my static homepage used to be. Then, below the blank line, my other pages are listed. I’m looking for a way to correct this. Is it possible to have a page title that is hidden on the page itself but visible in the sidebar? Is it possible to have a page that does not appear on the sidebar list of Pages? Any other ideas?

    In case this isn’t automatically included somehow: longroadhome.wordpress.com.




    The way wordpress works, you have to have a title to your blog so that it knows what the post is called. In terms of your original problem, you can change the font and font size of the page by using CSS. Those with the upgrade can change it to do whatever you want it to look like.




    Well, if you don’t have a title for the page or post, what would you EXPECT to see in the sidebar?

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