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    I would like to hide the pages from displaying on my blog (current, “home,” “about,” and “bloglovin”). I use the pilcrow theme and have the css upgrade but cannot figure out how to alter the css to prevent the page titles from displaying across the top.

    Any help is much appreciated.



    The blog I need help with is happensafterfive.wordpress.com.


    You don’t need the CSS upgrade to do that. Go to appearance > menu, create a new blank menu and assign it to the “primary” theme location.





    Not to butt in and change the subject – but I can’t read the font you are using –



    I’m not surpised because as you and I know the font displayed to viewers must be in their operating system. I don’t think that bloggers who are changing fonts are clear on that.

    You may not like the fonts in your wordpress.com theme but it’s important to know that regardless of which fonts you may wish to choose to jazz up your blog with your browser and your visitors’ browsers can only use the fonts installed in the same computer. Obviously not every visitor to your blog will have the same fonts installed in their computers, so you can immediately see that problems will arise unless you choose to use common fonts.

    If a reader does not have a specific font installed on his / her computer, the browser will determine which font is displayed. There are a very limited number of fonts (in English/Western languages) which are common for most operating systems/computers/browsers.


    Since you have typekit fonts enabled, and you have the CSS upgrade, I’m with TT, you need to either change to a font with a wider stroke, or make the font color darker to give more contrast. It is difficult to read.

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