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Hiding Post

  1. Hi,

    Is it possible in wordpress.COM to hide post? I tried doing the draft and just getting the link, but the problem is I'm the only one who can see the page i want others to see it too. I'm using the Twenty Ten by the WordPress team Theme. I also tried looking for the header.php but I can't find it. My goal here is to not show the page through the navigation parent/child but through a linked text. I hope someone can help me. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you talking about hiding a post, or hiding a page? It sounds like you are wanting to hide a page.

    Can we have a link to what you want to hide?

  3. I also tried looking for the header.php

    Here at wordpress.COM we cannot access the php files underlying our themes. You can password protect a post. See here >

  4. As far as the header.php is concerned, we do not have access to the underlying theme files here at wordpress.COM since this is a multi-user platform and we all share the same files which means a change by one person would change it for everyone using that theme.

  5. @TSP
    Yep. :) G'day to you.

  6. G'day to you as well @TT.

  7. Yes, I want to hide a page. Here's my blog
    But wait I just change my theme to Blix, and I think I got what I want. I just didn't want some pages to be a child page from the parent. Thanks for the help though! :)

  8. Some themes will automatically show child pages on sub menus (dropdowns) under the parent, and some do not. With custom menus however, you can decide what pages are going to show in the top navigation and which are not. You are in complete control when you use a custom menu.

  9. Cool! Thanks so much!

  10. You are welcome.

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