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Hiding post tags in the Depo Masthead template

  1. Is there any way to hide the post tags in the Depo Masthead template without going into CSS? The Depo Masthead is a minimal look template so all the post tags at the top of the post heading make it look really messy. Appreciate any help.

  2. No there is not. It would require some CSS experience and the CSS upgrade.

    And if you are talking about up under the title where the date is, the tags, date and time are, in Depo Masthead, all under one selector, so all of them would disappear.

  3. The post tags are appearing above the title. Seems a crazy place to put them in terms of design layout. Do you know if not having the tags means that no one will find any of my blog posts?

  4. What tags are you talking about? If I click on a post title and go to the single post page, the only thing above the post title is the navigation tabs.

  5. The reason we assign categories and tags to posts is to make them available for search engine indexing. Search engines detect and use key word descriptor tags when indexing your pages and each tag has a unique descriptive key word term permalink that distributes your pages over the search engines. Use of accurate Categories and Tags helps potential readers doing key word searches locate relevant content in search results, and increases the odds your content will be found by new readers.

    If you have no tags or categories assigned to your posts they will not be indexed under the key words that those who use search engines type into for example Google search. They will also not be appearing in the global tag pages under related categories and tags they could have appeared under if you had assigned them.

  6. When I assign tags to posts, the tags appear above the main heading of the post. I've added a tag to the first post as an example. You can imagine how messy it would be if I put a large number of tags to each post. It doesn't make sense from a design point of view to put the tags up at the top of the page and in an ugly font that doesn't match the rest of the page.

    I definitely want the posts to be searchable in Google so just wondering if there is a way round this with the best outcome being completely hidden tags otherwise at least the tags coming right at the end of each post.

  7. OK, I see it now. Yes, to hide those would require the CSS upgrade.

  8. Do you think the CSS upgrade is a quick straightforward job?

  9. In this case it is. The following gets rid of the tags on the single post pages.

    #content .postmetadata {
    display: none;

    You can try it out with the preview button. Go to appearance > edit CSS, delete everything from the CSS edit window (the informational text) paste the above into the CSS edit window, click preview and take a look. You might have to force refresh the preview window as it has been a little flakey lately.

  10. So does that means I can still assign tags but that they will be hidden?

  11. Yes, you can still assign tags and they will be visible to the search engines, and if you use the tag cloud widget and someone clicks on a tag in the widget, they will still get a listing of your posts with that particular tag. The tags just won't be visible to your visitors above your posts.

  12. Just added the code and it worked on preview. I only need to upgrade to CSS now to make it permanent. Thank you so much for your help.

  13. You are welcome.

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