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    hello ppl,
    I am looking for a way to hide the post teaser from the main post. I am sure that there shuld be some plugin that does it, but can’t find it in any way.
    Detailed description of what I am looking for:
    Lets say my post is as follows:
    “line 1, line2, line3
    <read more link>
    line 4, line 5, line6, line 7 and so on.”

    All I want to have is, when user clicks on “read more” that he would be everything after <read more> and everything above it should not be displayed.
    So in other words, when user clicks on “read more” he only sees “line 4, line 5, line6, line 7 and so on.” and “line 1, line2, line3” are not displayed.

    Thanks in advance!


    The blog I need help with is teisybe.wordpress.com.



    No plugins on WordPress.com

    And what you describe is exactly what the “More” tag does.



    I got this fixed by using <!–noteaser–> just after <!–readmore–>



    You don’t need to add that <!–noteaser–>, since it doesn’t do anything. The more tag automatically brings the reader to the spot in the post where the more tag is inserted, leaving the “teaser,” as you call it — those first few lines of the post before the more tag — “scrolled away,” but the reader can still scroll back up and re-read the teaser.

    There is no way that I know of to have the more tag lead you to the post without the beginning of the post still appended. There are a few themes that do have the “excerpt” feature functioning (I think that Chateau is one of the ones in which the excerpt works), and in that case, you can create an excerpt, or teaser, that is separate from the post, and when the visitor clicks on the link to go to the post, they see the entire post, but not the excerpt.



    In fact the <!–noteaser–> is stripped out of the post. If you look at the post in your html editor, you will not see it. I took a look at the sourcecode for your page, and I could easily see the more tag. The more tag essentially acts like a “jump” tag that links to a particular point in the text allowing the reader to click on it and then jump to another webpage (in this case, the post), and land at a specific spot in the post rather than at the top of the webpage (in this case, the top of the post page with the header, etc., as you would if you were simply to click the post’s title).



    @mmadfan- good catch!




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