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    I’d like to use tags with my posts, but I don’t want them, or other posting information, to appear at the bottom of my posts. I know I’ll need the CSS upgrade to hide them, but can anyone help me with the code. I’m using the Fusion theme.


    Since your blog is set to private, we can’t look at it. At the very least, we need to know what theme you are using.


    Oops, never mind, I see you tagged this “fusion” so I’ll assume that is the theme you are using.


    This will get rid of the stuff below the post on the single post page.

    .alt {display:none; }



    Thanks for your help, thesacredpath! That code eliminated the posting information from the bottom of the post, but the tags are still visible. Can the tags be “hidden” as well?


    My test blog does not have any tags and since I can’t see yours, I’ll had to go in and add some tags to one of the posts on my test blog. Add the following.

    .post .tags {display: none; }

    If you want the other text to go away also, use what I gave you before also.



    Thanks, but that code didn’t work. I’m new to CSS editing – just trying out some themes for my blog, and playing with some options to see which will work best for my desired style. Just testing – nothing to show. I’m using a static front page, and accessing the posts from the sidebar widget, if that makes a difference. Thanks again!


    It worked for me using Firebug, so it should work just fine. Were you using the preview? If yes, then sometimes you have to force refresh the preview page to see the changes. It has been acting wacky for a few months.



    Yes, very wacky. It worked though! Thanks for your help!


    You’re welcome.

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