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Hiding Tags

  1. If I use the following code:

    .entry-meta .cat-links {
    display: none;

    Will this hide all tags from the public. Also, will they still be active? Lastly, can I combine using this customization code with basic background designs and fonts?

  2. One more thing, can I hide tags without subscribing to CSS, so I don't have to pay 30 per/month for the service? I think that's a bit much for this

  3. To hide categories or tags, you would need the Custom Design upgrade. There is, I think, one theme that allows you to hide the tags and categories via theme options, iNove, and there may be another one as well.

    Yes, the tags and categories will still be there and accessible to the search engines, they will just not show on the public side of the blog.

    With the custom design upgrade, you can change fonts and backgrounds and even move page elements around. Basically you can change virtually anything that has to do with styling.

  4. Hi thesacredpath,

    Thank you for the advise, but I can't seem to find iNove

  5. The themes has been retired. For more read what's here Then try monochrome

  6. Thanks for the link "timethief"...Unfortunately I can't use the theme because it is retired...Do you know any other themes that are free, so my tags aren't shown?

    Take care

  7. Hi timethief,

    Sorry to trouble you again, but I just applied monochrome and it didn't hide my there an option to hide tags on it?

  8. Go to > Appearance > Theme Options

  9. I unchecked tag list and then I unchecked "information on side bar" you know what "information on the sidebar" is? Also, will my tags still be active? I apologize for all of the questions. I'm new to wordpress

  10. I am multitasking form work. I'm the boss but I don't have the time to set up my test blog and work through this with you. Maybe if you consultant the live demo you will be able to work this out on your own. There's an information box at the top of the sidebar

  11. Thank you for your help.


  12. Don't despair because another Volunteer will come along and help you.

  13. If you look at the demo for monochrome, there is an "information" box at the top of the sidebar. I believe that is what is hidden when you uncheck "information on sidebar."

    Your tags will still be available for the search engines, they just won't show for visitors.

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