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    I am trying to hide tags on my ‘latest posts’ screen. Is there a way in CSS to hide the tags on the main page even if you are using tags?

    The blog I need help with is andwepresent.com.




    Yes, it’s possible to hide tags via CSS. You will have to target the class name that is applied to the tags as follows:

    display: none;

    The blog you linked to is set to private so I’m unable to advise the specific class name that you have to target with the CSS.

    If you need further help please consider changing your privacy settings so that me or other forum volunteers can view your blog and thus provide you with a more specific answer.


    The blog is wearing Further which is a premium theme that we Volunteers do not have access to. Read-access to the premium themes forum is open. The premium theme forums are at http://premium-themes.forums.wordpress.com/ with separate sections for each theme. http://premium-themes.forums.wordpress.com/forum/further

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