Hiding tags, categories, and comments section in Bold Life theme

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    So… I have a blog at quinceyharker.wordpress.com, and I have purchased the Value Bundle, so I can do the CSS customization.

    If you look at the blog, you’ll see it’s a novel being written and posted in an epistolary fashion. The metadata and comments section at the end sort of break the feel of the posts. The only post I’ve tagged (as an experiment) is here (the first one).

    I’ve poked around in the forums and cannot find the right CSS to block the tags, categories, and comments section in the Bold Life theme. I would love if someone could give me a few pointers (I know HTML very well… CSS? Not so much.).

    Thanks, folks! I appreciate it!

    The blog I need help with is quinceyharker.com.


    Comments can be turned off globally (affects all future pages and posts) by going to settings > discussion in the dashboard and disabling comments and trackbacks and then saving. For any existing posts or pages, you will have to edit those and turn comments off manually in the discussion module. If it doesn’t show below the text area, go to the upper right, click on screen options and activate the discussions module, then scroll down below the text area, click on the right end of the discussion module title bar, and turn of comments and trackbacks and then update or save the post or page. You can always override the global comments off setting when you write new pages or posts.

    This is the CSS to hide the grey section with the categories and tags in it below the posts. Add this to the CSS edit page, make sure “add to existing…” is selected and then you can preview (might have to refresh the preview page) or save the change.

    .post-meta {
    display: none;


    Thanks for that info. I had to apply it again, but now the tags and categories have disappeared.

    As for the comments: I should have been more clear: I have disabled comments. I want the phrase “Comments are closed” to disappear (I assume that’s technically the comments section of the template and, if they are closed, it displays that).

    It’s not as vital as the tags (the tags might contain spoilers for the book), but it’s just a question of aesthetics.


    If you also disable trackbacks as well, that should go away. But, if it does not, add this to your CSS.

    .entry-comment {
    display: none;


    Excellent! That (disabling trackbacks) did it! Thanks, thesacredpath!


    You are welcome.

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