Hiding Tags for Vanilla Mist

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    Hi there,

    Yes… I have read the support and forum topics related to this question. From what I can gather the easiest way is to upgrade to the CSS package. I was however hoping someone had and was willing to share the code so, I can do this myself. I do not want the tags displaying under my blog header (I will have a users that are not internet savvy and this could become confusing.) Side note, if I use the tag cloud widget will this remove the tags (under header) and put it in the sidebar? This I could live with!

    Thanks in advance for your time,

    The blog I need help with is zisforzest.wordpress.com.


    We need a link to the blog please. You cannot remove the tags on all themes, just on a few.



    Sorry about that… here you go: http://zisforzest.wordpress.com


    With the connections theme by vanilla mist, the post title, author, tags and categories are all controlled by one section of the CSS which means you cannot just hide part of it. If you do a display none on it, all you will have left is the date block, and the body of the post.



    bummer. so, even if i upgraded there is not much i can do? thanks for your help, you helped me earlier this week! oh yessss and i forget the theme is connections and not vanilla mist. silly me.


    No there is not.

    You might want to check out the new iNove theme which gives you the ability to turn off the display of tags and categories along with a lot of other useful features.

    And you’re welcome.



    interesting. when changing to a different theme does that hose everything? some of themes seem a bit temperamental to say the least. i would hate to have to start all over.




    What do you mean by “hose everything?” If you go from a Widget aware theme to one that isn’t, you lose your widgets. If you go from one with a custom header to a different theme, you’ll have to upload your header again. If you go from a wider theme to a narrower one, it can cause problems if your pictures and tables bump the sidebar out of alignment. If you make Custom CSS changes and change themes, yep, you’re hosed and have to do your changes again, since the CSS for each theme is different.

    But it has no bearing on the content itself.



    great, thank you for all the feedback.
    decision time.


    You’re welcome.

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