Hiding tags in Tag Cloud Widget does not work

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    I want to exclude some tags from Tag Cloud Widget. I put some tags in the field “Exclude” but there are showing in the Tag Cloud.

    The blog I need help with is kikemorey.wordpress.com.



    Hey there,

    You’ll need to find the tag ID to exclude them from the tag cloud. It’s not obvious, but there’s a way to find it:

    1.) In your dashboard, go to the Tags lists under Posts > Tags.

    2.) Mouse over the name of the tag that you want to exclude. Look at the status message in your browser (usually lower-left corner of the screen). In the URL that appears, there should be a portion that says:


    (The # signs being the ID number for the tag.)

    An alternative method: Right-click (PC) or CTRL+click (Mac) the tag name, click “Copy Link Address”, and then paste the link into Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac). Again, look for the &tag_ID=#### bit.

    The numbers are the ID you need to exclude from the tag cloud.

    (If someone else knows of an easier way to fetch tag ID’s on WordPress.com, I’d love to know!)



    Thank you very much. It works! =)

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