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Hiding Tags in the Contempt Theme

  1. How do I hide my tags? Will doing so cause the comments and "posted by-" to be hidden also?

  2. What do you mean? You want to get rid of a list of tags in a sidebar, or what? Give us a link to your blog- be a lot easier to help.

  3. The tags that are under the post. I'd prefer if they didn't appear so that it wouldn't look as cluttered. the link is: (Also, I have not yet purchased the CSS upgrade... I'm trying to make the changes I want first.)

  4. There is no de facto way to hide tags on your blog. If you purchase the CSS Upgrade, you can set the tag area so that the text color is the same as the background color. You will have to take a look at your theme's stylesheet first, however.

  5. ..and take a look at this have a lot of tags.

  6. Keep your tags/categories to a minimum and it won't be cluttered. Also, too many tags can get you penalized in the Global tags list.

  7. Okay, thanks. That makes sense. I'll have to remove some tags. And, also try to set the background color the same as the text color.

  8. @bubel
    The CSS Upgrade will take away everything below the post :-( I don't think the CSS on Contempt is set up so that you can select what and what not to display.

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