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    Hey guys me again! (http://alternativemagazineonline.co.uk/)

    Just wondering if there is a way with CSS to hide tags (but still use them) on my site. Also, I was hoping someone could explain the importance of using them? I don’t mind doing them but I find they make my site look a little untidy sometimes! And if I hide them I assume they will still work anyway? I just think maybe on the front page having catagories and comments number would look more professional… feedback appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is alternativemagazineonline.co.uk.


    p.tagged {
       display: none;

    Hey thanks that works, but also gets rid of catagories. Is there any way to just hide tags? And will they still be working away in the background if I do hide them?


    I now have it figured out I think, just need to confirm that hiding tags won’t stop them working?


    No it won’t. The source code of each one of your posts starts with this:
    <div class="post-[number] post hentry category-[etc etc] tag-[etc etc]" id="post-[number]">
    and ends with this:

    <p class="tagged">Filed under [etc etc]</p>
    <p class="tagged">Tags: [etc etc]</p>

    Hiding the tags will remove the content of the p tags but not the content of the div tag.


    Ah excellent thank you! So even if I hide them I should keep tagging?

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