Hiding Tags via CSS

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    I have the CSS upgrade.

    I am trying to hide the tags via CSS, while at the same time keep the comments.

    Here is my code:

    div.entry-meta,div.comment-meta {

    My problem is that it appears that the tags/comments code are lumped together.
    Is there anything I can do to separate them so that I can put the “display: none;” code on
    the tags?

    Thanks to anybody that may be able to help me with this.


    Whether you can hide the tags without hiding other things such as date, author, comments link, is theme dependent. Some themes lump things together as you have found. On themes that lump things together, there is no way to separate them out without access to the underlying theme PHP files, and we do not have access to those.

    Your best bet is to look at other themes and see if you can find one you like that does not lump them together.

    If you are using firefox, then the firebug or aardvark firefox addons help tremendously in figuring things out quickly.



    Thanks for your help

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