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    Here’s my wordpress: http://thereisanotherworld.wordpress.com

    Basically, i’m unhappy because, the presence of the tags makes each entry look a little messy and less clean cut. I’m not keen on the appearence of them. However, I like the idea of having tags for my ‘tag cloud’ (which by the way, hasn’t updated yet). Is there any way to prevent the tags from appearing but keeping them in existance for the benefit of the tag cloud?



    If you buy the CSS upgrade you can hide them. The problem is that they’re in .postinfo which also contains the links to your front-page comments, post time-stamp, author info, etc, so all that of will be hidden as well. If you can live with that then setting .postinfo to {display:none} should hide it, but it’s not recommended.

    Some themes display tags differently; yours shows them on the front blog page as well as when you click on individual posts. If you changed your theme you could at least limit them to appearing at the very end of the post, so they would blend in more. Otherwise I think you’re stuck, unfortunately.



    I posted the following in a different thread last night, and still believe it to be true.
    – if you’re using Sandbox with the CSS upgrade, you can style the tag stuff at the end of the post separately from other post metadata. Looking at page source from one of my test blogs, I see: span class=”tag-links”



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