Hiding tags/date in the Grisaille theme

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    I have attempted to use the CSS preview to see if I will be able to hide my tags to no avail. I do not mind paying for the upgrade, I just want to be sure that it will work.

    I would also like to hide the dates that posts are published, but I figure one thing at a time.

    I am using Grisaille theme. My blog is at sweetsugardating.com

    Thanks in advance!


    This gets rid of the categories and tags at the bottom of posts.

    p.post-meta small {
    display: none;

    This leaves the categories, but gets rid of the tags.

    .tag-links, .post-meta .sep {
    display: none;

    This gets rid of the date, but leaves the “by sweetsugardating”.

    p.the-date a {
    display: none;

    This gets rid of the date and byline.

    .the-date {
    display: none;

    One other note: Using more than 10-12 tags can get you labeled as a tag spammer and not only keep you off the wordpress.com global tags pages, but also possibly lower your search engine ranking.


    That worked perfectly. And as far as excessive tags, I just figured the more tags the better. Will adjust now. Thank you for your assistance!


    You are welcome.

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