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Hiding the posted by info..

  1. can I hide the "posted by" and date info on my the posts that I publish?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do not create a duplicate thread please as I tagged this one so it's moved to the CSS Forum for you.

  3. Add this:

    .site-content .entry-meta {
        display: none;

    In the future make sure you post CSS questions in the CSS forum, not the Support forum.

  4. Thank you, but I'm not sure where I would add this code? Is this something I can do if I have the free account? Or do I have to upgrade?


  5. You will need the Custom Design upgrade in order to make any changes to your blog's CSS.

  6. But you do have the upgrade, don't you? Your footer says "Customized Expound Theme".

  7. Thank you, but I'm not sure where I would add this code?

    Add it to Appearance > Customize > CSS in your blog dashboard.

    I checked and it does already have Custom Design as part of the Premium Bundle, so you should be good to go!

    I like the background image you picked—looks pretty cool.

  8. Thanks for all the input... however, I'm still not seeing the change reflected on my website.

    When I post new blogs, I don't want it to say the date or the "posted by" information at the top. This code doesn't seem to do that. Unless I'm not doing this right...

    Thanks so much for your continued support.

  9. Is the CSS code theme specific?
    I would like to do this with THE MORNING AFTER theme... Maybe the CSS code is different for that theme?


  10. Is the CSS code theme specific?


  11. So, what's the CSS code for hiding the "posted by" and date info for the morning after theme?

    How can I find this?


  12. I don't help with CSS editing. I used Google search and you may want to try using it too

  13. Hi Ellie, forThe Morning After theme, here are two options for you. The first one removes the author and date from all post views, and also removes the tags from the single post pages.

    .post_meta {
    display: none;

    The following will remove the author and date, but leave the tags on the single post pages that appear below the author and date.

    .byline, .entry-date {
        display: none;
  14. Thank you so much for your help!!! None of the other codes were working, but these did.

    I really appreciate everyone's help on this.


  15. You are welcome.

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