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Hierarchical categories are now flat

  1. The hierarchy is gone, it's not in the theme, it's in the category list itself.

  2. Sorry - we are working on this.

  3. Is there any estimated time this will be fixed. I have over 700 tags, and they're hierarchal for a very good reason. Oy vey! I hope they'll be restored (not the end of the world, but a time-consuming task).

    Get crackin' guys :-)

  4. In all my 4 blogs categories and parent categories are all messed up. In my attempt to contact support, the only support i receive is the message "Support is temporarily closed" suggesting to try FAQ page. It's a shame that when support is needed it's not there to provide same.

  5. I am here - I have tested things, it's being fixed.

    The Support form being closed does not equal nothing happening.

  6. Mark,

    I understand your point but avoiding maybe hundreds of wp members contacting you at same time for specific support requests, certainly does not add to wp's credit. It's better to let support open rather than closing it down. Or at least upload a different yet informative message that something is going on.

    On the issue of categories and parent categories still three out of my four blocks behave as already described in my previous message. They are behaving like this since early in the morning [now is early evening] local Greek time which is GMT + 2 hours [or + 3 for energy saving daylight time].

  7. I sympathize with your categories issues. Many of us have issues with category structure and behaviour at this point in time. None of us are in the know when it comes to what is going on with categories. But to set the record straight, support is actually always available whether or not the "support" link is available. Staff are monitoring these forum threads day and night and, when urgent issues arise they deal with them immediately.

  8. Same here. Some categories have also gone missing.

  9. This issue and other categories issues are appearing in another forum thread as well

  10. having the same problem at I already sent a feedback form.

  11. oh, and btw, when i resume the categories to their hierarchy, the categories disappear...

    (sorry, but, and i don't know why, the forum doesn't allow me to edit my previous post...)


    thanks to our friends at!

  13. Problem is still there with my blog @ !!!

  14. My categories are still flat as well. :-(

  15. I still have missing categories - the ones that I tried to fix before I noticed it was a WP system problem got deleted instead of assigning the parent (as another indicated above).

  16. Seems like my missing categories are now found and the structure is re-established. Thanks

  17. YAY! for staff.

    Thanks for the update. :)

  18. After manually reassigning them all categories seem to work fine again. Thanks!

  19. After reading the above messages quoting "that after manually reassigning" well, I'm afraid to say that NO, the problem EXISTS, and in fact its getting worst. Trying to reassign, nothing happens except that all categories are lost and none of them is reassigned.

    And on a different subject but still a technical problem, today the main wp page is getting hours and hours to load. Cannot sign in as the page is loading and never stops loading, and have used the "back door" which means i browse one of my blogs and then log-in. Yet, however, when trying to go to page from my dashboard, again the page is getting loading but actually never loads.

    Have cleared temporary internet files, cleared cache, re-start computer, etc, etc, but still the problem exists. Any remedies?

  20. I just noticed the same thing as well, but after manually fixing them, the categories seem to be okay on my blog.

    @grhomeboy - I had a quick look at your blog and most of your categories seem to be in good order. I can see them and they seem to be in hierarchy; the Leisure Section > Aquatics > Athens 2004 Olympics > etc, for instance. Do you know which ones are still out of order?

    Your login problems are happening to a lot of people today. What you've done so far is what we'd suggest so I'm not sure what else you can do, except try a different browser. Have you tried that? I'm hoping staff are working on the problem but if it keeps happening, it might be worth sending an email to support.

  21. @ cjwriter

    hi and thanks for checking. Nope, much to my regret, thay are not! Of course and I know which ones are out and which ones are not under their correct parent category. As an example the "Hellenic Light" sub-categories do not belong where you possibly seen them. Same happens to my Greek language blog, where when today in m attempt to fix manually the categories which are 99% messed up, I lost a couple so I stopped fixing them. They must be somewhere out in the "webspace" but certainly still are not into my blog.

    Same happens to my christmasspirit blog, the only one which seems to have survived a much much better condition is the homeboynet [possibly due to the fact of not being updated for a couple of days???]

    I know that the log in problem is happening to many, have just came here from the related thread.

    Thanks anyway for commenting, it's much appreciated and certainly it adds to know that I am not the only guy with bad luck today!

  22. Sorry if this means extra trouble, but my categories are all screwed up too!

    Please help.

  23. Any news on the categories problem? I'm still having the same faults and since loosing a couple of categories on my Greek language blog I do hesitate to try and fix it manually. Same mess on my English language blogs.

    Any anticipation as to when fixing the problem to be expected? Does anyone have a clue?

  24. Ryan had answered in another thread.
    Please send a support with details.

  25. @ Mark,

    Thanks for answering. Will contact support with related details. By the way, I have just noticed that at my christmasspirit blog, something new occured! Certain categories are shown up twice (2 times same category)!

    Thanks Mark, I'm rushing out to contact support.

  26. I'm also having this issue...I saw in another thread that the bug causing it is supposedly gone, but I just tried to add a new subcategory tonight, and it isn't showing up.

  27. You need to leave the direct link for your blog, so staff can find and fix it.

  28. My blog

    Please help!!! Thank you.

  29. Staff monitors the forums, especially on weekends and I expect they will be working on these for those of you having category issues. Be patient and they will get you fixed up.

  30. Just a short note, to express my gratitude to the wp support staff, as after I contacted them via email, they restored all messed up categories in all my blogs, successfully.

    They deserve a thumbs-up and surely a "thank you" is the least I can say. Thank you gentlemen!

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