Hierarchical categories are now flat

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    @ cjwriter

    hi and thanks for checking. Nope, much to my regret, thay are not! Of course and I know which ones are out and which ones are not under their correct parent category. As an example the “Hellenic Light” sub-categories do not belong where you possibly seen them. Same happens to my Greek language blog, where when today in m attempt to fix manually the categories which are 99% messed up, I lost a couple so I stopped fixing them. They must be somewhere out in the “webspace” but certainly still are not into my blog.

    Same happens to my christmasspirit blog, the only one which seems to have survived a much much better condition is the homeboynet [possibly due to the fact of not being updated for a couple of days???]

    I know that the log in problem is happening to many, have just came here from the related thread.

    Thanks anyway for commenting, it’s much appreciated and certainly it adds to know that I am not the only guy with bad luck today!



    Sorry if this means extra trouble, but my categories are all screwed up too!

    Please help.



    Any news on the categories problem? I’m still having the same faults and since loosing a couple of categories on my Greek language blog I do hesitate to try and fix it manually. Same mess on my English language blogs.

    Any anticipation as to when fixing the problem to be expected? Does anyone have a clue?



    Ryan had answered in another thread.
    Please send a support with details.



    @ Mark,

    Thanks for answering. Will contact support with related details. By the way, I have just noticed that at my christmasspirit blog, something new occured! Certain categories are shown up twice (2 times same category)!

    Thanks Mark, I’m rushing out to contact support.



    I’m also having this issue…I saw in another thread that the bug causing it is supposedly gone, but I just tried to add a new subcategory tonight, and it isn’t showing up.



    You need to leave the direct link for your blog, so staff can find and fix it.



    My blog


    Please help!!! Thank you.


    Staff monitors the forums, especially on weekends and I expect they will be working on these for those of you having category issues. Be patient and they will get you fixed up.



    Just a short note, to express my gratitude to the wp support staff, as after I contacted them via email, they restored all messed up categories in all my blogs, successfully.

    They deserve a thumbs-up and surely a “thank you” is the least I can say. Thank you gentlemen!


    /nod to grhomeboy
    Yes, staff does deserve a big thank you.



    I’d like to give a big thank you to staff on this for resolving the issue.


    My categories are STILL a mess. In fact, there really are NO categories any more, simply a random alphabetized list of mixed up stuff which makes it impossible to find anything…

    Nope, not resolved.

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