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Hierarchical Comments

  1. I think it would be great if comments could be arranged hierarchically (like in LiveJournal) where commentators can leave their comment as a reply to the specific earlier comment.

    Now it is just a straight line and when the number of comments is big navigation is totally awful, you have to add "to whom" you specifically address your reply. And reading is unsystematic, more like stream of consciousness

  2. There are no threaded comments at You could contact staff via the Support button to suggest it if you want.

  3. hi Andy, yes there are no threaded comments here on .com and WP core does not have it either.

    also, there is no practical sense to bother yourself, nor support team suggesting this as threaded comments at wordpress.COM won't happen anyway.

    for the one thing this would require to install and maintain yet another third-party plugin (which is fairly outdated), but also it would mean to edit all the themes installed around here; so no chance.

  4. Well, I see. Thank for the replies. But it all sounds like "Well, there is a better house around the corner, but we'll stick to this rather good one." When you edited WP to add tags or other features, did you say "this would mean changing this and that and something is/might be outdated, so no chance"?

    Threaded comments (thanks for the better word) give so much more convenience to commenters. This allows to reply directly to one of maybe a hundred comments. Both the commenter and the one whose comment is replied to can clearly see everything.

    I have one post in my blog with 51 comments - the biggest number for me so far, but quite a low figure in comparison to many other blogs. Every time a new comment appears only after the latest one. If there are different threads or lines of conversation, people have to scroll and scan through all the comments and it is so much easier to lose this thread or get tired of adding "re this comment" or "to Mr/Ms X:".

    I do not mean to show disrespect or suggest that WP is a bad blog system. In fact I advise it to my friends and people around as the one giving more flexibility in one's side panel, more themes and more professionally looking ones at that. But without threaded comments it feels like still in its adolescence. :-)

  5. Andy, I'm afraid that there has been some misunderstanding -- while being really sorry that you cannot have a threaded comments on your blog, I just tried to give you a reasoning why, in my opinion, this feature is not going to happen here any time soon.

    as an afterthought, why don't you really try to contact staff as raincoaster suggested above, so that you could post here a feedback your request will be met with, letting all of us to know whether this feature has indeed a significant place on the project timeline (if any at all) and its ETA?

    also, "How would you feel if it was a paid upgrade?"

  6. I woud feel deprived, because other platforms allow this as a basic feature.

  7. I got to this post because I was loking round to see if it were possible to have htreded comments. I can't think it is bejond the wit of man, since my MySpace blog has it. Now there are lots of WP features that are way better then MYSpace, but the single line of comments is a real downer.

    Looking roudn i thought this was the place to suggest new developments?

  8. It's one place, but in my opinion the best way to tell staff you would like something is to contact them directly. If you haven't done that already, you'll have to wait till Monday, as Support is closed for the weekend. The forum is not the best place to make a suggestion: it's the best place to gauge popular support for an existing request, though.

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