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Highest number of site visits in 1 day!

  1. @Willowbatel, it's ok if things are normal. Hits can soar and drown.
    You can try, but recently I tried and it is changed to something that I don't know how to use anymore. LOL~

    Other than that, we can come up with an online association within this WordPress community to visit each others' blogs to chat or what.

    Normally, if you are 'well-known' in real life, people will be curious with your blogging. Otherwise, just have fun, or you can just become a joke or entertainment site where people will come regularly to be entertained. But then, what's the point of blogging?


  2. heatherleigh16

    Awww, only 56, not much compared to everyone else. That was on 11.20.2009. :/

  3. heatherleigh16

    Sweet, it's gone up! 100 since 11.26.2009. :)

  4. Nov 20th wuz two meny two mansion *_*

  5. 81 and then four days later 73

  6. heatherleigh16

    Oooh yay! Today I got the highest visits: 198 on December 5th, 2009!! :D

  7. heatherleigh16

    Actually by the end of the day (12/05/2009) it was 213. Sweet!!

  8. Dang, lol. Where are you getting all of your views from Heather? Most of mine are from Google. The record still stands at 81 but I’m starting to get some views because of the plants I posted about.

  9. Only 22, but I'm happy because my highest day happened to be Halloween

  10. 777 a couple weeks ago. I commented on an article I read, not knowing that blog got crazy traffic. They came to my blog but died out- not exactly my kind of crowd anyways lol.

  11. 40!!!

  12. I just posted this 'All Man R Pigs', that one alone got 5 hits, that day got 100+ hits...

    I am posting 'All Women R Whores'... I wonder whether the stats will blow off... LOL~

  13. winnieeverlasting

    99 views, once in october, once in.. september, i think it was. so totally random, that i got so close to 100 views twice.

  14. 261

  15. winnieeverlasting

    99 in october.
    and if anyone ever posts with as many grammatical-- not even grammatical, just that shitty spelling, i shall hunt you down and hurt you. because those weren't typos, or hard to spell words. that was her(him?) being stupid. unacceptable. god, i sound like my grandma.

  16. winnieeverlasting

    was talking about monkey girl(boy?) up there, just to specify.

  17. 168 was my most!

  18. 80 today :)

  19. 26 visits on Dec 15th.
    Just started the blog and so I don't expect too many just yet.

  20. 26 visits on Dec 15th.
    Just started the blog and so I don't expect too many just yet.

  21. 35... I peaked on my second day here!


  22. 900 and something. I never comment on other blogs (or much here), but someone recommended it on Facebook.

  23. 359 - strangely on my Mother's birthday, May 27

  24. My largest traffic explosion was 3,899 mostly stumble upon. Average though is 100/day,

  25. 75 on October 2nd, 2009

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