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    I would love to be able to have a way of protecting your content. Nobody likes duplicate content, so we could make it harder to copy by protecting against high lighting and copying text. I think this is a great idea and should be in order for blogs.



    It’s been suggested many times. Problem is, it’s dead easy to get around. Even I can do it. Bots can certainly do it automatically, since blog scrapers generally don’t copy from your blog by right-click, they just subscribe to your feed.



    Yes, but I run a club penguin blog. This audience if full of children, who don’t really pay attention to feeds. It will stop a vast majority of the people taking my work.



    It is true I think that is will stop the average person to get stuff of you. But rain is right, even I know a few ways around preventing the highlihting of the blog, but it won’t hurt.

    I think that maybe one theme on wordpress (contempt?) had this feature. Either that or the blog I saw it at must have been self hosted and the owner enabled the feature himself.

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