Highlighting and Replacing Words

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    My apologies if this has been asked previously, or if it’s pathetically trivial and I shouldn’t be bothering anyone with it… I’ve tried searching but truth is I don’t really know what search terms to use; it’s a difficult problem to describe.

    I’m also not 100% sure whether it’s a WordPress problem or whether it might be my browser (although I’ve tried it in this form and it doesn’t happen). Anyway, here it is:

    As I type I make mistakes and have to go back and delete. Generally, I’ve got into the habit, rather than using backspace to tap back through the letters, of pressing Ctrl + Shift + Left Cursor to highlight the word I’ve just typed, then just typing the word again.

    The problem is that when I’m typing in a New Post form, and I do this, when I start retyping the word the preceding space disappears, so my new word runs straight on from the previous one. If I remember, I’ll start the new word with a space, but I wonder if there’s a setting somewhere that I can tweak that’ll preserve the preceding space?

    (Actually, while I think, if someone’s in the mood to help out with trivial questions like that… As you can see I’m one of those old-fashioned people who uses double spaces between sentences. I know this is hopelessly outmoded, and that HTML doesn’t support it, but I just think it makes things easier to read. The trouble is that while WordPress respects my double spaces, if the end of a sentence coincides with the end of a line, I end up with my next line indented by one character. The second space gets added to the start of the next line; but word processors like Word manage to compensate for this and preserve the left-justification. Aside from the obvious “wake up and join the modern world”, does anyone have any ideas on this, too?)

    Any replies appreciated, thank you.



    Yes, it’s been doing that for some months now. Very, very annoying. I think the only thing you can do is contact staff and ask them to set it so that when you delete a word you do not delete the space in front of it.



    Wow – that was quick! Thank you for that.

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