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    How do I highlight/make my comments yellow when posting on my Blog?



    How about we start with a link to your blog?


    But what does it matter about a Link? I wanna know how to make my comments on my blog highlighted.



    It matters because a brief glance at the blog will tell us what is or is not possible on it.

    We can see, for instance, that without the CSS upgrade and a solid knowledge of CSS, you will be unable to make that change. Do you know CSS, and are you willing to pay for the upgrade?


    Maybe whomever sets up the forums….should create a field where a person submitting is required to enter their blog URL, or the post won’t take? I’m learning from you guys to always ask when it isn’t in their profile.



    It’s been suggested. Over and over. And nothing’s ever happened.

    It would be darn useful, though.



    I’m not convinced you could achieve what you wanted even with CSS. I think what the OP is asking for is a way to distinguish his own comments from other people’s on the blog. As far as I know, I think that’s not possible.




    Some themes can do it by default. I can only think of “Regulus”, though. If that’s what OP want, s/he can use Regulus (or try other themes that can do it) for his/her blog.


    It is possible, if you take a look at http://blog.secondlife.com/ the Comments on Posts there that are made by Lindens/Staff are Yellow, or if you look at http://kathar.in/ the Comments Katharine make are highlighted, not yellow I don’t think though. I am not willing to pay just yet, and don’t really know CSS but I’m always willing to learn a new skill!

    So anyone got a Theme suggestion for me? :)



    rain is right on why I asked about the link. (Plus we get an awful lot of self-hosted folks asking questions here that we can’t answer.)

    The Journalist also does this by default.


    Vivian, I took a look at your Blog and if I was in the right Location id ask for a sign and a bumper sticker! lol Just thought id mention that… hehe
    Yeah I understand your point about the Link. I thought it would be pretty easy to highlight my comments on my posts from the comments of others, default in fact but obviously not.



    Vivian has an awesome blog.

    wagamamaukiyo, the Linden blog is a VIP blog with all the bells and whistles if I recall correctly. The http://kathar.in/ blog is not hosted on WP.com; independent blogs can do all kinds of things, but we can’t here without upgrades etc, and some things are not possible at all.

    You can preview themes on the Design page and find one that does what you want. So far only Regulus and The Journalist have been suggested, but there could be more. I know there were theme reviews done last year on http://internetducttape.com but how up to date they are is anyone’s guess.


    @ raincoaster. Are you certain http://kathar.in/ is not WP? Her URL used to be http://blog.katharineberry.co.uk/ but it’s recently changed.

    I think if I upgrade then I can do it, and it’s no biggy right now. Though I’m the Coordinator of a new Company, who when we launch may want to use this feature.


    Oh and I’ve found that Regulus has this Plugin offered from his/her site. :)



    If you’re signed into WP.com and you go to her blog, does your admin bar come up? Mine doesn’t. That’s the tipoff.



    Also: the footer lists WP.org, not WP.com.



    We can’t use plugins here.

    And I think rosclark is right – the color coding of the comments seems to not be in the CSS at all.

    rain – thanks for the compliment on my blog ;)

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