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    Ever since WordPress “improved” formatting, I can’t highlight text in widgets. I need to do this in order to “cut and paste” large sections of text from one place to another. Any idea how I can highlight text in a text widget? the theme I use is:
    Garland by Stefan Nagtegaal and Steven Wittens



    Have you tried previewing it with another theme to see if Garland is suppressing the highlighting? Go to Design>Themes and Preview any other theme that uses widgets in a sidebar. If the text is highlighted in the preview theme, then you’ll need to switch to a different theme.



    I prefer to keep the same theme; however, even when I tried another theme I had the same problem. In reviewing the forum (fora?) here I see that many others have had the same problem, to no resolution. One suggestion was to try using Firefox instead of IE. I will try that at home on my Mac laptop to see if it works.


    Internet Explorer (6, 7 and probably 8 as well) has known issues with widget editing and copy/paste. My suggestion would be to switch to either Firefox 3 Safari 3, or possibly Chrome (although it is still beta) to use when working with WordPress.



    Have you tried formatting the text in a post (write>post), switching to HTML view, copying what you see there ad then pasting that in the text widget?


    I’m on a Mac, and I use Firefox and Safari: never had ANY problems whatsoever with WP.

    tsp, what’s your opinion on Flock?

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