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Hillary Clinton for President or Vice President

  1. I am a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton. I cannot support an Obama-Biden ticket. How could Obama turn his back to the almost 18 million people who voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries?
    Let the 18 million people who voted for Hillary Clinton do a write-in in November. Or we can have a mini convention after the Republican convention in New York City and nominate Hillary Clinton.
    There should be a protest at the convention and the delegates should nominate Hillary Clinton as Vice President. I still want a dream ticket.
    The Democrats just lost my vote this year. Rise up and stand with me about Hillary Clinton.

  2. Who are these people you're talking about? Politicians? Are they running for Prime Minister, then?

  3. This should be in Yippeee I've always wanted to abolish the monarchy and now it's happened hooray-they should have waited till the present Queen went though.

  4. No, they should have waited till after Wills and Harry were through with it. They're decorative!

  5. fat cat royal tarts :O

  6. I never did understand Hillary Clinton supporters.

    They will give the US four more years of this crap because 1, she didn't win 2, because she didn't win the post of VP 3, she is getting millions from Obama supporters to pay off her debt.

    I really, really don't understand Hillary Clinton supporters.

  7. Imagine being president with vice president Clinton behind you.
    what's that detective yarn about a crowd of people and the light goes out and when they come back on argh there's a dead body.

  8. Here's the thing about the next vice president (regardless of whether McCain or Obama wins); they need to make a good president. Face it, McCain is old and doesn't have terribly good health, and Obama is an assassination target.

    A large number of people, rather decisively, made it clear they did not want Hillary as president. Personally I would have liked Obama's VP to be Sam Nunn, but that's not going to stop me from supporting Obama. Can I still be swayed? Yes. I was initially (strongly) against Obama due to a comment he made on nuclear weapons very early in his campaign, but every other potential candidate has since done more to discomfit me.

  9. Again I ask: who are these people? What country are you talking about? I can't find a single reference to them on Google...just keep your domestic squabbles to yourselves and go back to looking for those WMDs, please!

  10. I'm more of a conservative guy, but if you get this person to be your keynote speaker at the "Hill-fest", then sign me up right away.

  11. @ raincoaster - I heard you had a secret thing for Ralph Klein. I can see why. In terms of Royal handsome-ness, he rates at least as high as Prince Charles...

    ... or Camilla.

  12. so where does Hillary's cross-dressing midget rank? :)


    I'm all about the BoJo, yo!

    La Pequena would have my vote, kstaff!

  14. Screw McCain, Obama, Hillary, Ru-Paul, and Naderhosen.

    I'm penciling in Curlin/Zenyatta for my 2008 electoral ticket.

  15. I'm still voting for George Carlin, and he's still dead.

    Thanks Chevy Chase.

  16. When you vote, you give some of your personal power to the person you vote for. I can't in good conscience give any of my personal power to any of them.

  17. so you are giving your "power" to the person who will eventually fill this apathetic vacuum

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