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    I blog at http://sreeramshenoy.wordpress.com and I’m not able to view any wordpress blogs from my notebook. i’m able to view from my office PC and through the mobile but not through this notebook (ip – I’ve tried it by clearing the cookies and cache, yet it doesn’t help. Tried it both using Firefox as well as IE, but both result in the same…disappointment!
    kindly request help.

    Blog url: http://sreeramshenoy.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is sreeramshenoy.wordpress.com.



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    Can you please tell us which browser (and version of) you’re using on the notebook?



    I’m sorry macmanx. I ought to have asked that. :(



    No worries. :)



    And…are you in India? The government is actively censoring some sites, and given the number of complaints from people in India that they cannot read their own blogs, it might be the case here as well.


    Thank you for your response. To answer:

    @macmanx, I’m using the 14.0 version of Firefox and IE8…usually I use only Firefox. But now it doesnt open in either of the browsers. I’m however able to open the blog at my office. Even my friends (and readers) are able to view/comment it. Its an issue just with respect to me I believe.

    @raincoaster, Yes I am in India. And yes, since i was aware of the Govt. issue I did cross check with my friends (in India) and they are able to open it. Seems like the issue is just with my home system (notebook).

    Surprisingly I’m able to open http://www.wordpress.com and publish posts…but cannot view the published entries, the home page and even the dashboard.
    Strange problem!



    Ok, we are aware that Tata Photon, one of the larger Indian ISPs, has chosen to block all of WordPress.com as part of a government censorship operation that was meant to only target a small handful of specific blogs.

    We have attempted to contact them a few times, but have not heard back yet.


    Oh ok…so that is the case! Sigh…ok will wait for them to resolve their issues.
    Thanks macmanx for your support and clarification :)



    You’re welcome!


    It’s working since last night…guess the govt. is done with its single solution to every problem…curbing/banning!!
    Thanks again all :)

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