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  1. Hi ya!

    We are a group of young people developing a web based site, where one can upload videos, images and sounds of what you as an individual make you feel ‘happy’.

    This blog is a development of our thoughts and ideas. Anybody is welcome to comment and add any of your own thoughts if you think they might help!

    The HiSpirit Team

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sounds like a fascinating idea. Happiness is a difficult thing to quantify so making the process interactive can be a great way to conduct a social experiment.

    On the topic of happiness, one thing that does this is laughing and that is what "The Daily Segway" is interested in pushing. We are dedicated to fulfilling all your laughing needs through satire and humour. We are serious about satire so check us out.

    Otherwise good luck with your fantastic idea. I will be interested to keep up.

  3. thankyou! happiness seems to be something that is getting more scarce in the the world toda, hopefully we will bring it back into this world :)

    feel free to add any comments or thoughts onto our blog they would be much appreciated!


    The HighSpirit Team

  4. harrythehandyman

    your blog looks fine, one change i would make is add a soft coloured background

  5. will try it, thankyou!

    HiSpirit Team

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