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  1. I'm assuming we can't use the HiSats counter on our wordpress.COM blogs. I have tried all the code and none seem to work. Bummer it looks like such an awesome counter. thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Put the code in a text widget, not in a post. Use plain html; no javascript.

  3. @joer223
    When the software strips the code out that's an indication it's restricted code. In the case of stats counters it's usually javascript. the stats programs I have reviewed are all non-JavaScript.

  4. @timethief

    Yeah it was stripping the code, I tried all the code Histats offered, of course I knew the javascript woulld not work, and upon following the link you provided I think the problem with the other code is it had flash, which of course is restricted. Thanks TT
    I need to get some sleep as I've exhausted myself, and didn't get any work done on my blog(s) today. I wanted to take a look at the commentary Jean left on my BPD about page, she suggested an idea I'd like to run with, would like your opinion....have a nice evening.......goodnight!
    Sorry for the off topic comments in the support forum.....

  5. wanted you to look at........

    sleepy and typing impaired ;)

  6. Please mark this thread resolved and I will get to BPD as soon as I have the time. :)

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