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    Hi all,

    So I can see the search engine data (what searches brought people to my blog), and you can see 7 days, 30 days, quarter, and all time. But once you leave the 7 days one, you only see a certain amount of searches. In my case, I can’t see anything that has less than 3 results (and maybe not all of the 3’s either). Is there any way to see all of the searches made that got people to my blog?



    Anyone? I want to make a post about the hilarious search terms I get, but many of them have only been a few times so they aren’t showing up in my history (had I known that, I would’ve kept track of them earlier…)



    I thought that everything was kept and you could see everything at the “All time” list? If what you say is true, I also better start holding on to some of the funny random stuff people search with to come to my blog lol…

    So how is the list in the “all time” section for search results? Is it in a page view (page 1,2,3,….,56,57,58) or is it all just one massive list on the one page?

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