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    So, I just started my blog in the beginning of this week and so far (at least from what I can tell) I have no traffic at all. I guess my question is how do I advertise my blog? I sort of feel like a blogging failure as no one has even viewed my blog yet, no comments, nor poll answers and so on…
    I have already submitted my blog to google, yahoo, delicious and countless other sites, What is the key to getting a blog out there and viewed?
    I would also like to know if there is a way to view how many people have viewed my blog, I have heard talk about hitcounters, however can not find one supported by wordpress, anyone have any ideas on how to tell wether or not a blog has traffic or not?
    Thank you so much, I appreciate your answers!

    The blog I need help with is sincerelyunsigned.wordpress.com.



    Please don’t post the same question twice. As it happens, this question is one we get multiple times a day. There are thousands of posts in the forum about it, so try a forum search for “hits” “get more readers” and related terms, and you’ll find enough to keep you busy.

    As for tracking your readership, that’s easy: on your admin bar at the top of every WP.com page when you’re logged in, just click under My Blogs and the little pop-up will show you options, including Dashboard and Site Stats. Click Site Stats and it’ll show you your built-in WordPress.com stats.



    I want to replace the site title with my own logo. My website is http://www.foodjules.com. Does this theme support my own logo? If not, then what are some themes where I can have my own logo.



    And please don’t hijack threads with unrelated issues. Use the Search function to locate the answer to your question.


    In case you are not sure what to search for, it would require the CSS upgrade and CSS editing experience to change the site title to an image.


    Raincoaster I apologize, I am really new to all of this, I am assuming that hijacking a thread means that I asked a question under the wrong thread. Thank you so much for your advice and I will not do it again now that you have made me aware of it. As for posting the same question twice, once again, I am really new to this and searched this thread for my question, did not find it and simply just posted my question, I have alot to learn as I am obviously just learning blogging etiquette but I seriously appreciate your comments even tho I feel as if I am a child being scolded haha! But if no one corrects me then I will never learn so that you for teaching me my first lesson!
    -Sincerely Unsigned



    No worries. Foodjules hijacked your thread. You didn’t. And I have a brusque way of expressing myself.

    The easiest way to search is the Support page search. That gets staff answers and forum answers:


    Once you’ve looked there and maybe clicked on some tags in the tag cloud on the main forum page like Hits, you’ll have lots of tips.



    I can recommend a comprehensive tutorial. The Learn WordPress.com tutorial is divided into progressive levels and presented as a series: http://learn.wordpress.com/

    About your stats page see here please. > http://en.support.wordpress.com/stats/
    We can use other non-Javascript sounters too.

    1. Visitor tracking on WordPress.com blogs
    2. Real time visitor tracking (non-JavaScript) for blogs
    3. getclicky real time stats for wordpress.com blogs

    Raincoaster, I am not attempting to offend you in any way i am just trying to understand, you advised me not to hijack threads, but then you commented under my question with an irrelevant question (that mind you I would answer, if I knew the answer to it haha) is that considered hijacking as well. Once again, I may seem as if I am being “wise” by pointing this out, but i really am just innocently trying to understand the etiquette users of this site expect.


    raincoaster ohhhh okay, haha i was so confused, thank you again, you are so helpful, and I like your way of expressing yourself! You are blunt and to the point which is a wonderful trait!

    timethief, thank you as well!

    I appreciate both your responses very much!



    Thank you for your help. I am not quite sure how to even begin a forum question and looked all over support for some insight into my question, but wasn’t able to find anything. It seems very difficult to get in touch with a live person so they could help me so I thought I could ask a question on this forum. Sorry about that.

    Is there a way to get in touch with someone in tech supoprt to help me replace the site title with my logo? Please let me know.



    @foodjules – posting a completely unrelated question into a thread marked “resolved” will get you not much help. You were given guidance above by TSP on what would be needed.

    This is a do it yourself place. You should start your own thread with the proper title if you want help.

    Help is provided mostly by unpaid volunteers who are your fellow bloggers.



    Thank you. I am so new to this that I don’t even know how to start a thread or seek the proper support. I will read above and try my best.

    Thank you to everyone.

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