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Hit counter question

  1. Can someone explain how the WordPress hitcounter works.
    Does it log every visit to my journal? If yes are my visits counted as a hit? only I usualy access my journal from two computers, my home PC and my work PC.
    Is there a way I can stop the visits I make to my journal being counted either by blocking the cookies WordPress have put on the PC`s I use.
    If this is not possible can I put a 3rd party hitcounter on my journal?

    My journal main page is showing over 500 hits and Im sure Im not that popular lol

  2. Probably are :D Did you check the site stats in the Dashboard? If you've been on for long enough, 500 sounds pretty realistic.

  3. If you're logged in and you visit your blog by clicking on "view site" or whatever that link is called, then it won't count your own visits. I don't know if it counts when you're not logged in.

  4. it counts when you've logged off. each time you press on a post or the main page, it counts as one hit.

  5. disasterindonesia

    Can somebody help me to show me or guide me , step by step, how to install HIT COUNTER in my blog..?? Many thanks in advance

  6. Is your blog a blog? Is it a blog that is independently hosted using WordPress software?

  7. Here are the instructions for bloggers

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