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Hit Increase in first few days of blog...

  1. So, blog's been up for 5 days. Just posting my hits to see if anybody things this is pretty decent.

    Day 1: 0 Hit(s)
    Day 2: 1 Hit(s)
    Day 3: 64 Hit(s)
    Day 4: 72 Hit(s)
    Today: 93 Hit(s) (Currently rising at about 4 hits/minute)

    For today, I think one of my posts that have been tagged on Stumbleupon/Digg were spread, as by midnight i'm expecting it to reach about 300 hits.

    So, how have I done?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. took me a month to hit those numbers, whatever youre doing, keep doing it.

  3. At 150 hits today now, still rising fast.

  4. celticmusicfan

    I agree that putting your blog on digg really helps.I guess each of us has each own time. Just be patient...time will come. Do you think tagging correctly also helps?

  5. Hmm..Finished the day 5 on 246 views, 5am the following day and already 32 hits (some from Facebook now)

    Tagging helps, massively. I do get quite a few hits per day from people searching up tags on

  6. I use Twitter, Digg isn't that good.

  7. I've not tried Twitter, i'll take a look at it.

    110 hits so far today, estimating maybe 400-600

  8. celticmusicfan

    I have just gotten into stubleupon and wow it's really working.Any sites you guys might recomment? This is really exciting.

  9. I do like Stumbleupon, a free 5-20 hits a day.

    So yeah, Stumbleupon/Digg/Twitter, submit your site to all of these, and other Social Bookmark sites like Delicious etc.

    Maybe set up an RSS feed that people can subscribe to? I have quite a few subscribers now and my RSS/site has been shared on MySpace and Facebook due to it.

  10. Yeah I do all of that. I didn't knew that you knew. I have more than 1300 hits in less than a month!

  11. you still have to catch up with me though. I think I had 300 in my first week.

  12. Midnight tonight will be my week over. Currently at 619 hits, estimating 750 or so.

  13. thats really impressive

  14. Oh, Laptop. I've caught up.

    1,467 hits in 8 days.

  15. Wow. I had my blog for four months and I have like 200 views all together.

  16. Well, my stats increased to 142 hits a day. That is after subscribing to,, and yeah plugging my stuff on myspace and facebook.

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  18. l don't know, l must be a odd person. l have a band of friends who know where to find my blog but as for putting it's link anywhere..l don't understand why for a personal blog?
    One of my pages on my blog is a series of horse related hoof photos and l notice that it seems to attract randoms through Google. Took me weeks to get over the feeling that 'strangers' had romped on my blog by reading!
    l'd remove the horse related page but l feel it may help others understand a dreadful hoof issue so it stays for now. But to 'want' strangers to find your page?
    As l said, l must be a odd person.

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