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Hits dropping through the floor despite referrals

  1. I was getting an average of about 200 hits a day till about 3 weeks ago and since then the total has been creeping down - - to almost nothing. I am currently being referred to by about 6 sites, Technorati, Digg etc, that would normally generate in excess of 100 hits yet today it is the pathetic figure of 13. Does anybody know how I can check if I have been marked as spam or mature?

  2. Is your site an adult/mature blog?

  3. [OK, four questions... - drmike]

    You need to ask staff that directly via feedback. We as volenteers here in teh forums do not have access to the status of a blog. I can verify that you're not marked as spam as you wouldn't have a blog there if you were.

    Of course it will be marked as spam if that banner advert doesn't disappear out of your sidebar asap.

    I will point out though that you'r doing your links incorrectly. Putting in the 'www' bit is incorrect. The "crunckysoftware" takes the place of it. If you add in the 'www' bit as well, the link is broken for 30% of net surfers as well as most search engines spiders. Kind of like shooting yourself in the foot. You'll note that the URL under your username to the left doesn't include it.

    You may want to look at how you're tagging your posts with categories. Gotta admit that I wouldn't be searching for 'you sure you wanna talk about this' as keywords when it comes to Vista.

  4. Ha! I guess it's due to lack of sleep but I clicked the link under her name and got

    - The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.

    And I didn't see the link in her post. lol

  5. Hi Dr. Mike,

    Am I wrong, or does this have commercial stuff on it:

  6. If you are talking about the 'Easy Space' referrer ad, I think that one is OK as it is falls into the '1 referrer link' clause of the TOS. Other than that, the blog is OK unless you can pick something else out that I am missing. If that is the case, edit out your link and report it as the forums are not the right place to discuss these issues!


  7. It's a text-only link that's allowed, though, not an image or widget or banner ad.

  8. Just for reference, please do not direct posts and questions directly to me. We had a staff member get offended that this is occuring here in the forums as they feel I'm trying to pass myself off as an employee.

  9. Jeez I've only just found these responses, but the problem still remains. In fact it's worse. On the 10th May I had 323 hits which gradually slid down to 121 on the 25th May but I think I can justify those variations.
    Then there was a slide from 96 on the 26th May to 22 on the 7th June. Then they rallied a bit to 149 on 11th June then they slid badly. My last 4 counts have been 15, 14, 21, 22.

  10. Did you do as drmike suggested?

    You need to ask staff that directly via feedback.

  11. I just tried the link to crunchysoftware and it appears as if it has been suspended due to violation of TOS.

  12. Yes and techcrunch has linked her username to a commercial blog covered with advertising and not hosted by

  13. Site is no longer suspended and I have removed the ads so I am no longer in breach of TOS. Don't think there's anything wrong with me linking to my own hosted version of this blog, which does still have ads, is there?

    Site hits still showing virtually nothing.

  14. well, people needs to pause from browsing sometimes... hehehe!

  15. Linking to anything other than your blog is counterproductive. Then we have to make up words and type them in front of "" before we can take a look at whatever problem you may be experiencing on your blog.

    It is not an issue of promotion: it is an issue of functionality. These are technical help forums, and you would not believe how utterly, utterly useless for generating hits they are. I aught to know, with all the time I spend here. Do yourself and the volunteers a favour and switch the link to a direct link to your blog. It will save us all time and won't look so "make me rich!"

    Since your blog has been suspended, your hits would tend to go through the floor.

    Also, all those links...they age. The day after they go up, they are worth 1/20th the hits of the first day...and so on.

  16. Raincoaster I think you're a bit confused: I'm linking from to own hosted version not to as I am slowly removing entries from the version.
    Also I did say that it was no longer suspended and that the ads have been removed.
    Not sure what "they are worth 1/20th the hits of the first day...and so on" means. Having ads would not hinder the hit count which is what is happening.

  17. No, I'm talking about the original links from Digg, etc. If you get twenty hits the first day from a link, you'll get about one on the second. You have to KEEP getting links to stay on top.

    I can see that you're linking to your own hosted version. What I'm saying is, that slows down our ability to help you. Link to the blog while using this forum, because we're really only about support for blogs here. All other issues have to get referred to

  18. Yes I know how digg links fade away quite quickly.

    I don't have a problem with hit counts on my own hosted version, they're between 300 and 700 per day as opposed to the version where the daily hits are about 11. The version is linked from google and heaven knows ehere else far more than the own hosted version. Hence why I think the stats are not right.

  19. They sound totally right to me. If you're not adding new material to the WordPress blog, nobody will be linking to it or reading it. And it was completely unavailable when it was suspended. A volatility like that on a blog getting maybe 100 hits per day isn't unusual in the circumstances.

  20. and
    appear to me to be two blogs with current July 26th duplicated contents.
    If this is the case, then Technorati will track only one url and duplicate content is a big time non-no against their policy so I'm not surprised. What surprises me is that you would have two blogs with the same content. What's with that?

  21. Raincoaster, exact same content is being added to both and on a daily basis. The wordpress version was suspended for about 12 hours so that has nothing to do with it. Got a feeling this is not going to get sorted here.

  22. Timethief, the reason for the version is so that I have more control over it and get better statistics. Eventually I hope everyone reads the own hosted version as the wordpress version is just darn wrong re stats. Trouble is the wordpress version is referenced everywhere unlike the own hosted version.

  23. Why not just post a message on the one directing folks to your hosted version?

  24. The work around is that you empty out your sidebar except for a single text widget explaining what is occuring and providing a link to your new sites. That usually works best.

    edit: That and marking your blog as not wanting to be in search engines. That way your old blog drops out while your new blog gets picked up.

  25. drmike: at last, how do I mark my blog as not wanting to be in search engines?

  26. It should be on your Dashboard, under Options, Privacy.

  27. Merci raincoaster & drmike, have done that and now hope that the wp version drops out of the search engines (that goes against the grain a bit).

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