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Hits from my own Blog

  1. pitchforkpatriots

    Is there a way to eliminate hits from own Blog in stats

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your own visits are not being recorded on your public blog. See here >

  3. pitchforkpatriots

    Many Thanks ..... Most Grateful !

    Errol Phillips

  4. You're welcome. :)

  5. pitchforkpatriots

    One more question if you will:

    I purchased the Domain Mapping for

    I did change DNS Servers so that when I type - I am redirected to Word Press where the status bar reads now reads.

    Is this standard - I was hoping the status bar would not have the "wordpress" shown .

    Oh well - for 13 bucks and a free Blog Site - I shouldn't nitpick.

  6. You need to set your primary domain:

    Your dashboard will always show: (the blog you are mapped to)

    Visitors will see: once you set the primary domain

    Also note - your visits are not counted when you are logged in - if you log out and visit your site your visits will be counted

  7. pitchforkpatriots

    Ok - everything working with the .com

    Also thanks for the tip about Site Hits (I did not see where the help files explained that)

    One more question while I am on a roll. I looked at mine your Site and in the Sidebar none of your Links are underlined while all of mine are.

    How can I remove the underlining.

    Most appreciative for your hel.

    Errol Phillips

  8. Don't know about the underlining but since I did not do anything to the links in my sidebar it must be differences between the way the different themes handle links

  9. pitchforkpatriots

    Ok .... Thanks for responding


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