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Hits not registering?

  1. Anybody else noticing problems with their stats in the last 2 hours or so? Who' tells me I have dozens of people looking at my blog at the moment, but my hits only seem to have gone up by a grand total of 4 in all that time!

  2. Yep, same problem with mine

  3. Definite problem with stats. Could someone give the WordPress team a nudge?

  4. Report it to staff via this link;

  5. I've got the same problem too...glad to see actually that it is not just me as i break everything i touch...this time i'm innocent it seems ;)

  6. I've sent them a message. Thanks for all your replies.

  7. lineageofinfluence

    Yep, mine aren't working either.

  8. irishelectionliterature

    Not working for me either.

  9. Having the same problem here, based on my recent traffic trends, since midnight I have only 5 hits, seems rather odd as I said given recent trends. A bit off topic:
    For those of us who use "site meter" there appears to be a problem with there reporting system. It's very strange with our blog stats on wordpress.COM my hits went from 711 down to 623....I want them back!!!! (He shouts, and smiles)

  10. Reportred it too. Thanks for the link. Nothing so far. :shrug:

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