Hits on a blog set to private?

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    I have a blog here and I have set it to be only viewed by users that I choose. there is myself and one other administrator, (now downgraded to editor) that I have granted acces to. We have been both checking in and posting to the blog on a daily basis. When I look at my blog stats there are 3 hits on the 10th and 10 hits on the 20th. The rest of it is a flat line. I know MY views don’t count, but it looked to my like my admin, and editor didn’t show up in the blog stats either. Who is hitting my site. Can I get IPs? I’m not yelling at anyone here, but I thought that this was secure?

    I new to blogging, thanks for the help you have for me.

    http://bipolarbobstherapy.wordpress.com is privacy fully on
    http://bipolarbob.wordpress.com is my public blog



    I know that it is private and I can’t access it as it gets redirected to the homepage of wordpress.com (the way it is supposed to). Did you have any support questions or things into the support staff? They would be able to hit your blog for testing or other issues. Did it show any referals in the blog stats in the admin? That might give you a clue as well.

    Other than that, I would send in a feedback to the staff to ask them about this issue.




    No referrers in the last 7 days, no search engine action either.

    q. 10 hits in one day means what?

    a. 10 people read my latest post (and maybe a bunch of archives too)
    b. 1 guy reloaded my latest post 10 times
    c. 1 guy looked at my latest post and 9 of my stactic pages
    d 1 guy logged in to wordpress 10 seperate times to view my latest post
    e. any combination of the above that you choose

    Now I see that they have a feed generated. I’m not comfortable with that either. Is that something that I can turn off?

    I will write it up for support, I figured if they had hit my private site, they would have let me know about it by leaving a comment.



    I seem to remember from a similar thread a few months ago that attempts to access count as hits whether or not they are successful, so if someone has password-protected a post or something, they will get a lot of hits even though nobody had actually been able to read anything.

    Also, in my experience staff very rarely comment just because they were checking a site, private or not.

    Also, the 10th was around the time we had that error when your blogs counted your hits even if you were signed in. So that should account for that.



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