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hits via on private blog

  1. I have a private blog, nobody should be able to read it except me. But the Stats show that on August 13, I got two hits, from a link at How can this happen?

    The link doesn't seem to be there (anymore?), so I figured this may be yet another type of spam. I think I had that before on my old, referrer-spam, but I'm surprised that it happens on a completely Private blog. This particular blog has never been anything but Private.
    To be sure, I've tried to find it via Googe, technorati and the wordpress-tags pages. google and Technorati don't show it, the tags-pages of wordpress do show my tags, but no links to the blog (even though I'm logged in).

    Sounds familiar to anyone?


  2. What did the links from Postworthy look like? Not to give the URL of your private blog (although it should just bounce us back to's main page) but did they look unusual, were they links to the blog as a whole, to the About page, or to specific posts?

  3. Well, I don't know about the links at postworthy, because they aren't there anymore.
    But on my Statspage it says there were two hits, and it listed as referrer.

  4. It's not the blog that I can see now when clicking your name, is it?

  5. No, that's Qulog, my public blog :-)
    (The private one is called "werknotities".)


  6. i received postworthy as referrers several times. the few times i click on the link it does not show anywhere a link to my blog. the referrer link is simply

  7. So maybe it is just referrer-spam... are they just trying to get their own hitcount up.
    I still don't see how they could do that on a private blog though.

  8. If they have the URL they could do it. Maybe they got it via your profile? Is it listed there?

  9. No, not that I'm aware of...
    But does that mean that when someone types in the url of my private blog, they get listed in the Stats, even though they are redirected to

  10. I don't know. I know that if you password protect a single post, they count as a hit even if they only hit the password box and can't get in. I would ask staff that question.

  11. I just received a referal from this, too! I followed the link, with the same results as Qulog and Sulz. Creepy.

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