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hmmm, can i actually put another chat box?

  1. just wondering whether can i put another chat box? i mean like putting cbox and tagboard instead of putting meebo chatbox... if can i put it under where? under CCS but where?

  2. We need a link to your blog to help you. Also, consider using the search function, as these questions have been answered many times.

  3. sry, here is the link is

  4. I see a number of posts with a title "Chatbox" yet I see no chatbox.

  5. i use is the meebo i dont know how to use.

  6. i actually wanted to use chatbox like cbox/tagboard/flashbox kind beside meebo..

  7. wantsfreedom, if the service you want to use isn't currently supported, contact support and let them know,

  8. i want a chat box like in Yahoo msenger, so we can chat online with many member. can i put it? how i can put a chat like that?

  9. All that is available here is the meebo widget: . Other chatboxes typically are written in javascript, and javascript is not allowed here due to security concerns.

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