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    Hi. I have a book blog here and occasionally there are things that are discussed that are considered spoilers for the books we are reviewing. Is there anyway to have some type of “spoiler tag” to assist with this? Or could you point me in the direction of the ones that are already present?

    Goodreads has a spoiler option. It is < spoiler> text goes here </ spoiler>. What ends up happening is that all the text within the brackets is condensed and just says “spoiler.” The reader then clicks on the spoiler link and the words that were hidden are exposed for that reader.

    We would love something like that!

    The blog I need help with is


    I don’t know about a ‘spoiler’ tag as such, but you could change the content of the ‘read more’ tag instead, perhaps? Further info here:


    Thanks for the suggestion! I just tried it out (and unless I did it wrong) the “More” tag is more of a hyperlink than hides a spoiler.

    Not sure how I could make that work… :(


    The way I’ve seen it used is in changing the wording of ‘read more’ to something like ‘read more – beware: spoilers!’



    But remember that the “More” tag only works on the front page of the site, not within the post or page itself. For that you could use the “next page” tag instead.



    Perhaps a better aporoach would be using page jumps that is links to specific points on a page, or maybe not.


    That’s why I can’t figure out the more tags, lol! I forgot they are only present on the homepage.

    The jumping to different pages really doesn’t; work too well since I would have to create multiple pages for each review…

    …but the jumping within a page to a specific point in the page may work a lot better! It’ would just require me to place all of the spoilers at the end of the review and then jump to the specific spoiler if the reader wants to know.

    *crossing fingers* I hope this works!



    What I’d suggest is making each post in two separate posts: One without the spoiler that ends “Spoilers here” or whatever, and one with all the spoiler info. The second post has its date set WAY in the past, like 2001, so it doesn’t show up in Recent Posts and the only way to get to it normally is via the link which warns of the spoilers.

    It will, however, go out on your RSS feed. Just put SPOILERS in the title and then anyone who reads that post gets what they deserve.



    Clever – very clever!



    Two thumbs up for raincoaster’s idea!




    I bookmarked it too. lol :D


    That is a really good idea!


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    I wonder why you couldn’t just use the pagination tag with a link at the bottom of the post letting your readers know that if they look at page 2 it will be a spoiler?



    Aha! That would also work and be very easy to do too.

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